About Noble Owl Proofreading


I am trained to work on Microsoft Word, PDF and hard copy.

When working in Word, I use the Track Changes function to highlight suggestions and insert comments to explain any changes.

I will send you a copy of your manuscript/project with changes accepted and also a copy with Track Changes in place which will allow you to choose which changes you want to keep.

Regardless of which method is used to proofread your manuscript/project, you retain full control and copyright.

I know just how important it is that your manuscript is treated with respect, and I will ensure that the work I do for you is of a high standard.

Your manuscript will never be shared with anyone else and will remain confidential while it is in my care.


The cost of proofreading is per 1000 words, and a deposit is required to secure your place in my diary, the remaining balance due upon completion.

If you are worried that you may not have the budget for a proofreader, please get in touch so we can discuss your options, I can offer basic or in-depth proofreading packages or can even work on a chapter by chapter basis.

I believe that professional proofreading should be available to all authors.