What can a proofreader do for you?

Congratulations, you’ve finished writing your manuscript, all those long hours spent working away have turned into something you could send to a publisher. But before you take the plunge and send the manuscript off, it’s worth having a proofreader check it over.

A proofreader will look for several things in your manuscript, as well as performing some general “housekeeping” to ensure that the work is submission ready.


These are not limited to, but include:

  • Correcting punctuation errors

  • Correcting spelling errors

  • Removing additional spacing between words, and at the start of paragraphs

  • Checking that correct quotation marks are used throughout

These will all be done before Track Changes is turned on, meaning that you will only have to review the key changes suggested without having to wade through smaller, additional changes.

Whether you want a basic or an in-depth proofread, I believe that professional proofreading should be available to all authors, so I am happy to discuss any queries with you.